Who We Are

MPower Strategy – Who We Are

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.

– Peter F. Drucker, Social Ecologist.

MPower Strategy is a marketing consultancy specializing in insightful online and offline marketing strategies that empower organizations to focus and grow. We partner with you to uncover and understand the root cause of your challenges and develop an innovative, comprehensive and strategic approach to marketing centered on your customer. We offer the right combination of marketing assessment, research insight, strategic marketing plan, and marketing execution to empower you to achieve your business and marketing goals.

 What We Do

What We Do

Marketing Strategy:

  • Define Goals/ Target
  • Identify/Penetrate New or Vertical Markets
  • Market Research/ Internal Data
  • Differentiate/ Educate – Messaging/ Positioning/ Identity
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing Execution:

  • Website (SEO)/ Operations/ Customer Experience
  • Social Media/ Content Creation/ Blogs
  • Campaigns/ Ad Management/ SEM
  • Collateral Design/ Videos/Presentations/ Emails
  • Mobile Marketing (mobile apps/ads)
  • Public Relations/Events
  • Articles/ Case Studies/ White Papers
  • Data (CRM) Tracking/ Measurement/Survey
  • Customer Service/ Repeat Business/ Reputation
  • Partnerships/ Opportunities/ Community