Marketing Execution

Business Marketing Execution

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

– Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist

Very few companies have a staff of professional marketers experienced in a multitude of marketing aspects.  Without this experience it is difficult for staff members to think innovatively and manage a comprehensive and strategic growth plan.  When you draw on the skills of experienced marketers to enhance and help guide innovative thinking, your organization stands a much better chance of succeeding.

Growing your business requires a real ability to think out-of-the-box while simultaneously executing. MPower Marketing Strategy provides marketing execution and vision.  Some of our clients like to think of us as their outsourced marketing department.

We can be your outsourced marketing department and can help you with every aspect of marketing:

  1. Marketing Strategy:
  • Define Goals/Target
  • Identify/Penetrate New/Vertical Markets
  • Market Research/Internal Data
  • Differentiate/Educate – Messaging/Positioning/Identity
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  1. Marketing Execution:
  • Goals/Research/ Positioning/Messaging
  • Website (SEO)/Operations/Customer Experience
  • Social Media/Content Creation/Blogs
  • Campaigns/Ad Management/SEM
  • Collateral Design/Videos/Presentations/Emails
  • Mobile Marketing (mobile apps/ads)
  • Public Relations/Events
  • Articles/Case Studies/White Papers
  • Data (CRM) Tracking/ Measurement/Survey
  • Customer Service/Repeat Business/Reputation
  • Partnerships/Opportunities/Community

What We Do

Marketing Strategy:

  • Define Goals/ Target
  • Identify/Penetrate New or Vertical Markets
  • Market Research/ Internal Data
  • Differentiate/ Educate – Messaging/ Positioning/ Identity
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing Execution:

  • Website (SEO)/ Operations/ Customer Experience
  • Social Media/ Content Creation/ Blogs
  • Campaigns/ Ad Management/ SEM
  • Collateral Design/ Videos/Presentations/ Emails
  • Mobile Marketing (mobile apps/ads)
  • Public Relations/Events
  • Articles/ Case Studies/ White Papers
  • Data (CRM) Tracking/ Measurement/Survey
  • Customer Service/ Repeat Business/ Reputation
  • Partnerships/ Opportunities/ Community