Marketing Assessment

My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions.
– Peter F. Drucker, Social Ecologist.

MPower Marketing Strategy provides a comprehensive business marketing assessment that identifies areas of strength and weakness within a marketing program. We review the overall business operation with an emphasis on the marketing approach and management, to determine key opportunities. Specifically, we…

    • Review the organizational vision, positioning and business/marketing goals
    • Obtain insights into an organization’s structure and culture through interviews and existing data
    • Analyze internal marketing processes (planning and budgeting, measurement strategies, digital/mobile marketing, reputation management, branding, public relations, communication materials, sales/advertising, partnerships and more)
    • Assess supporting business processes (fulfillment, data management and customer service practices and more)


  Marketing Research

  Strategic Marketing Plan

 Marketing Execution

What We Do

Marketing Strategy:

  • Define Goals/ Target
  • Identify/Penetrate New or Vertical Markets
  • Market Research/ Internal Data
  • Differentiate/ Educate – Messaging/ Positioning/ Identity
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing Execution:

  • Website (SEO)/ Operations/ Customer Experience
  • Social Media/ Content Creation/ Blogs
  • Campaigns/ Ad Management/ SEM
  • Collateral Design/ Videos/Presentations/ Emails
  • Mobile Marketing (mobile apps/ads)
  • Public Relations/Events
  • Articles/ Case Studies/ White Papers
  • Data (CRM) Tracking/ Measurement/Survey
  • Customer Service/ Repeat Business/ Reputation
  • Partnerships/ Opportunities/ Community