Research and Analyze

Marketing Research and Analysis

One of the true tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.

– — Arnold H. Glasow, American Humorist

True marketing success is unobtainable without insight into the consumer, the industry, the environment and the company culture.  This is why research is the cornerstone of our marketing strategy planning. Through the following research methods, MPower Marketing Strategy provides focus to your strategic growth plan.

    • Information from market data and reports on macro/micro industry and environmental trends
    • Opportunities and competitive landscape to understand positioning and a path to growth
    • Consumer market research to develop clear and compelling messaging
    • Management and employee internal assessment to uncover culture, strengths and improvement areas


 Strategic Marketing Plan

 Marketing Execution

What We Do

Marketing Strategy:

  • Define Goals/ Target
  • Identify/Penetrate New or Vertical Markets
  • Market Research/ Internal Data
  • Differentiate/ Educate – Messaging/ Positioning/ Identity
  • Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing Execution:

  • Website (SEO)/ Operations/ Customer Experience
  • Social Media/ Content Creation/ Blogs
  • Campaigns/ Ad Management/ SEM
  • Collateral Design/ Videos/Presentations/ Emails
  • Mobile Marketing (mobile apps/ads)
  • Public Relations/Events
  • Articles/ Case Studies/ White Papers
  • Data (CRM) Tracking/ Measurement/Survey
  • Customer Service/ Repeat Business/ Reputation
  • Partnerships/ Opportunities/ Community